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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mr Cardmker Finds That One Stamp Leads To Another

So, at the beginning of card making season, I pulled out all my Christmas card stuff--the stamps, the papers the dies, the embellishments, all the red ribbons, the silver twine, the glitters, the metallic inks and embossing powders, the gold, silver and white pens. I put it all in bins and on trays so I could see it all splayed out in front of me as I worked and made decisions...My endeavor to get it all organized made such a freaking MESS!
I was, however, happy to have everything pretty much at arms reach, and while I didn't use everything, I was glad to be able to know I wasn't forgetting about anything. I think it helped...

Well, one of the things I did NOT have was a "joy" stamp. I was well into the season, and I didn't really have time to wait for shipping, so off to JoAnn's I went. Yup, right there in the dollar bin was a "joy" stamp.  Off it went to my house, in my hot little hands. And off I went into the craft room.

I made this--

Charlie bought me that beautiful star stamp two years go, I think.  SO pretty in gold. Looking back, I would like it better if the joy stamp was a teensy bit higher...and I would have inked the white panels edges...Look, they cant ALL be home runs...stay with me here...

I used my Stampamajig to do the "joy", because I wanted to stamp it a few times so it would get a super color saturation (and because dollar stamps are NOT mounted perfectly on their wood blocks). 
I like the red on the snowflake. It makes it sort of ecclesiastical, or something.

ANYWAY, using the "joy" stamp here made me think to use it again, but in a different way--

I made this--

This background stamp is from Hero Arts, bought last year, I think.  I inked it with Distress Inks, using ALL the reds going lightest to darkest, then went in with my blending tool and went over it all with the same colors.  The snowflakes are embossed with holographic embossing powder.  This stuff is SO cool, because at some angles, you don't really see it at ALL.  Made the medallion with the joy stamp and other stuff, and there it is.

Well, I loved that technique with the background stamp. I needed MORE.
It was nice in red. How about GREEN?

I made this--

What a difference a colorway change makes!  Other than the obvious change to the die cut, not so different...No snowflakes this time.  I have no idea why.  The gold glitter dots make me happy.
Another view of this one--

And because I can't leave a good thing, I had to go blue.
This one is my FAVORITE CARD OF THE SEASON.  Perhaps EVAH.

I made this--(drum roll, please)

Okay, so this came together is such a crazy way.  I did the background, pretty much the way I did the others, but I wanted a wood grain on it this time.  So I inked the stamp with all my blues, then spritzed it with water to make it softer.  Well, instead of layering on more color, it actually lifted the color that was there OFF!!
I am SO happy I don't do videos of these things, because there would be a record of me squealing like  little girl out there on the web!
I grabbed a tree stamp, and layered in some trees, triple stamping off in blue and gold.  I just LOVE it. The text looks like it's emerging from the mist, right?

Look in this direction--

The trees are so pretty, right?
Straight on lets you see the wood grain better, but not the gold--

I just love how everything layered up so well.  I will be doing this again, to be sure!
Wow, gush about your own work MUCH? Ahem...

Thanks so much for stopping by.
All Best-


  1. You're right, of course, that last card is absolutely delicious!!! You have a right to gush. My Greyhound, Joy, was happy to see all the cards you made with her name too : )

  2. Nothing says joy like a squeal of delight and excitement. Tis the season and all. Still searching the Web just in case. The last card is a work of art. Brava.

  3. Wow!!!! That last card is a work of art! Love how it looks different depending on which way the light hits! Would love to see your process - squeals and all! Totally worth it for this beauty! And don't we all express our frustration when things go a bit or alot wrong when creating? All your holiday cards have been so inspiring! Love the joy cards too! You do collage cards so well!!!

  4. OH my freakin' forest Richard!!! How stunning!! The trees DO look like they're emerging out of the mist..and the gold touch is gorgeous!! I'd totally be squee-ing in delight!!!

  5. One is allowed to gush. In fact, I think us cardmakers don't gush by far enough over our own work.

  6. Love the different techniques you used on all your cards cuz I'm all about techniques!
    And score on that dollar bin find! Happy Holidays to you!

  7. Wow - I am with you on all of this. One stamp leading to another, organizing = mess... and I had to stop in and say that tree card is absolutely breathtaking! I stopped scrolling and just stared... thanks for the multiple view photos! Well done!


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