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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mr Cardmaker has Practically Perfect Preppy Peonies

Well, how many of you remember The Preppy Handbook?  That thing was in my hand for most of at least ONE year of high school, which let's you know just how very OLD I am.  It told us all the power off Pink and Green, and why one's khakis should never really be all that well pressed. Given enough polo shirts with enough colors, one could rule the world. 

Well, I never did give up on my love of pink and green after all these years.  Pink and green and GOLD, to be more precise.

I made this--

I LOVE this GIANT peony stamp by Stampendous.  I could use it every day, really.  It makes such a huge statement so quickly, and you can use portions of it, like I did here, or the whole thing will just about fill a card. Paint it, use markers, leave it alone, whatever...
I embossed it in gold here, and used some Picked Raspberry Distress ink to add some color.  I liked it so much, I made two. 
Oh, and notice the dark in with the pink? That actually leeched out from the embossing powder.  Weird, right?  Happily, it works here.
Layered up with some pink and green papers, and that pretty Papertrey border punch that I inked the edges of, it looks very fresh and shiny.  (Oooo, shiny!)

Another view, to catch the shine--

And that's my card.

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  1. Stunning!
    I am baffled. Y the pink - it leached out of the embossing powder? Wow. But it looks like you spent hours delicately placing watercolor in just the right spots! You are one lucky guy!

  2. Ha ha...only you could take a 'leech' and end up with a perfect preppy peony! Well done, Sir Richard, and I too, love a great stamp like this that makes such a statement all alone, or all fussied up with borders and embossing! Love it, my friend! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. You just love screwing with my head don't you. As is my routine, whilst visiting your blog, I read the post and then I just stare. This time I just stared and stared and stared. Those flowers are upside down!! That goes with the nature of gravity but a bit contrasting to norms of a card and I LOVE IT. What a fresh and fun concept. The green, pink and silver bring feelings of tranquility and excitement all at once. Gorgeous card!
    Lisa x

  4. p.s....I just got back from buying BOO basket stuff. We got boo'd last night in our new house...SO FUN! Will post pictures of them soon.

  5. Wow! That totally ROCKS! I sure love a happy accident instead of the ugly ones you have to toss and then start over! LOL Totally gorgeous shimmer too....the camera caught it beautifully!! And seriously dude....really?? We're old??? No way!! I absolutely remember preppy being in high school in the 80's!!! ;)

  6. I went to Hillsdale. Saw and wore my share of pink and green! Love the combo still. I mean, nature does too, right? And you are right. This peony is a joy to work with. Love the explosion of color you have here.

    1. Run,don't walk, over to Ellen Hutson. You won something!


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