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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mr Cardmaker Remembers that the SNIPS Work, Too...

Ok, so I am SURE I have gone on ad nauseum about my love for dies.  You are probably rolling your eyes at this very minute, thinking, "no duh."
Still love them, STILL need MORE of them.  Yup.  It's a disease, I tell ya.
Yeah, so I made this--


Yup, there's my diecut, actually die CUTS, because there are five "thankfuls" in total, all stacked up for some body and because it is easier to mount THAT than to play around with tiny dots of foam.
However....Keep looking.  That butterfly.  Those hexagons at the top.  Yup, no dies there, people.
Whew.  That was difficult to get out.  Yes, I own snips.  Yes, I guess they still actually work, even AFTER the advent of dies.  Who KNEW?  Not me.
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Yay for snips & stacked up word die!

  2. "Who knew"!? You crack me up! When I set up the second studio for my summer home, I thought I could live without a die cutting machine. Um, no!
    I love your card! The stacked sentiment looks great and I hadn't thought about it being easier to work with that way. I've seen people do it, but didn't u dears Tans! The hexagons are beautiful! The butterfly looks like a die I have . . .
    All adds up to a fantastic card!

  3. This is really beautiful! Absolutely fabulous!

  4. I might need first responders in a minute. Don't think my lil' ticker can take much "dadgum that's awesome." I was just designing a die cut on my cutting machine and decided to take a little break and see some friend's blogs and lo and behold.... here is a card with a background I'm creating right now. I however have no patience or safety skills to operate scissors to that extent. JOB WELL DONE! This card is beautiful!!! That layered sentiment you made is perfect. :)

  5. I love my dies, but also love my trusty wee detail scissors! We've been through a lot together - they were my debrieding scissors when DH was burned over 80% of his body in 1980! Anyhoooooo......your card is so cool - I just love that you stacked your thankfuls so deep - rock on, dear dude! Great job on the pretty flutterby, and love all of the purty papers you used, as well. Yup, you really do make me happy with your fun creations! Get back to work, though, as we are all expecting something huge again tomorrow!

  6. Beautiful card and that butterfly does NOT look fussy cut. You must be really talented with those snips, even if you are out of practice : )

  7. Marvelous at how the card draws one in like a bug to light. Great depth and layering of detail.


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