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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mr. Cardmaker is Happy to Toss Around a Buck for His Art

Don't you LOVE making Halloween cards?  And, other than your crafty friends, don't you HATE it when you give one to someone and they're all, "we don't DO Halloween cards"?

I hate that.  Somebody who shall remain nameless (but not blameless) actually said that to me, before tossing my card onto the kitchen counter. Sheesh. No more Halloween cards for HER. I'd hate to make her have to make an effort to smile, or anything...

I LOVE Halloween cards! I love making them, sending them, getting them!
I do hold myself back, lately, because I just don't have that many people to send them to, and I also have the onslaught of all the autumn birthdays to contend with.

Well, I made these--

This was made with one of those little stamps you get near the register at your local craft store for ONE DOLLAR.  I swear, if you are not digging through those bins every once in a while, YOU NEED TO.  Even if it's just one tiny little stamp in the package that you use once, it's worth it.

I used some orange glitter on the eyes.  Oooo, spooky....

I used more dollar stamps to do the inside--

So, as I did more, they got better and better (IMHO)--
DO you LOVE that eyeball paper?Oh, and that black and white lacy think is were I made a ruffle with washi tape.  It would have been nice if I had attached it in a straighter manner....

And inside--

And again--
Interesting trick here--I stamped my spider web once, then reinked and turned the stamp slightly to make the web look thicker and crazier.  I will NEED to remember that one!  I like the little gold pumpkin in the corner, and the glossy little spiders. Are tiny spiders almost worse that big ones?  The vanish MUCH faster when you go looking to squish them, it seems..

I held my ink applicator strangely, and it gave me an effect of crumpled paper.  I wish I remembered HOW I did that...

On this one, I got out my Distress Inks, and did the background--

I love the way the sketchy look of the kitty came across.  I also LOVE my hounds tooth stamp.
And inside--

Another view--

Speaking of happy accidents (anyone, anyone?), I was thrilled at the way the ink reacted when I spritzed the whole thing with water.  The breaking down of the hounds tooth at the top, and the speckles at the bottom....makes me happy!
So, those are the Halloween cards this year.  For some reason, I made them all 4 1/4" square.
I have been doing some Thanksgiving cards, which I will share soon, and some Christmas cards, too.  I want to start doing some tags, as well!
Speaking of, I will leave you with the "in process" stage of a project I did, and as soon as I can get some decent light on it, I will take some photos and share.  We have been really grey and rainy, with temps in the 70s the past couple of days. Yuck, I say; YUCK!
I playing with this stuff--
...and I'm kinda digging it!  But that's enough of a sneaky peek...
Thanks so much for stopping by!
All Best-


  1. I too, LOVE making Halloween cards and I think I spend more time on them, than I do my Christmas cards! Not everyone appreciates the work and craftsmanship that goes into homemade cards, sometimes!! I know a few of those kind of people too....insert eye roll....they tend to get more 'clean and simple cards', after making those kind of comments. Your card is awesome, btw!!! Congrats on the blog hop win!

  2. OMGSH Richard, these cards are awesome and scary! I love the black cat, the black bats, the black ruffle, the houndstooth (nifty that it distress like it did with the water!), and I love the orange glitter eyes on the cat - very scary! These are wonderful!

    I made Halloween cards this year again - it's been awhile (since B.S. - or "before Steve"). It was really fun - I think these cards may be my favorite ones to make and exchange! *giggle*

    You have to decide early on that you are not going to let people's actions with your art work bother you. Not everyone will treasure (or even recognize) the time and talent they are receiving. I learned to enjoy the process of creating the item, and if the person throws it away with a "ehh" then I have to be able to accept that. The process of making the item,and the photo I took of it, will be enough. I believe MOST people do appreciate hand-created things. So fortunately it is not often that my resolve is tested.


  3. AWESOME cards!!! Love that skinny little cat and all the layered spooky images! That black tulle is my very favorite and I'm going to have to go get some now that I've seen it! To those people who don't even have the manners to say THANK YOU, and appreciate the design of the card, even if they don't "do" that holiday....PSHAW!! I have had the most fun with Halloween cards and ATC's because for whatever reason they bring out the creative side in me. Maybe because all the images are so quirky and different. Making Halloween projects are just darn fun to make!

  4. I seriously can't imagine someone saying that when you've gone to the trouble to make them something by hand!!! That's just not right! I love your cards!! They are absolutely amazing! So creative and collagey!

  5. I'll refrain from commenting about those that don't 'do' Halloween. What a much they're missing. Your Halloween cards just put me right in the spirit. The tulle is FABuLOus!

  6. These cards are all scary good but the distressed houndstooth is truly inspired. Here's an idea ... How bout a zip line over a gorge on the way to a bat cave!

  7. Boo to those spooks who don't want to even receive a Halloween card! These are all so cool, Richard. Happy Halloween!

  8. Wonderful Halloween cards! I love them all! The papers are my favorite (Basic Grey)! I love all the yummy little details like the glossy spider and raven, and the glittery outlines on the last one. A real treat for the eyes!


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